A Beginner’s Guide to Smartphone Gimbals: Mobile Mondays Edition

Smartphone gimbals remain useful devices; even as more models of phones now include improved built-in stabilization systems. If you’re considering investing in one, here is a beginner’s guide that should answer all of your queries about them.

Simon Horrocks from the UK provided some expert tips and techniques for mastering smartphone gimbals. In the video above, he covers everything from why these tools are worthwhile to selecting the most appropriate gimbal, using it and taking advantage of its advanced modes.

Your smartphone likely already features excellent built-in stabilization features, but using a smartphone gimbal can give more creative, professional-looking results as demonstrated in Horrocks’s video. While combining these workarounds with built-in stabilization may work somewhat, but results often don’t compare favorably.

Horrocks’ tips will enable you to maximize the potential of your smartphone gimbal and make the most of what it offers! Sample videos found throughout this guide should inspire creators into making amazing stuff with their phones!

Do you have any tips and recommendations to share when it comes to smartphone gimbals? Feel free to share in the comments below or join our group discussion if you are already part of Photofocus Community!

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