Lume Cube Flex Light Pro Review: Shedding Light on Versatility

Lume Cube recently unveiled an advanced two-point lighting system which, according to them, effectively eliminates shadows and glare for portraiture, vlogging, product photography and more. Their flexible arms ensure full illumination from any angle of illumination.

Note: Lume Cube provided us the Flex Light Pro free of charge, yet all opinions about it expressed herein are solely ours.

Flexible lighting system which is easy to set up and use; attractive appearance; solid construction
High quality 96+ CRI light that preserves detail and color; diffuse lighting creates even illumination without harsh bright spots; flexible phone mount; brightness/color controls via two dials, plus two USB ports to charge devices (phone, tablets or others).
Cons: An attractive carrying case fitted with molds provides excellent storage solutions; however, its stand/gooseneck setup vibrates for 2-3 seconds whenever one segment of the stand is extended, while longer vibration is experienced when extended up to its full 70” inches length.

Lume Cube Flex Light Pro — Technical Specifications
These specifications were taken directly from Lume Cube’s official website.

Edge-Lit Technology — Each Edge-Lit panel with 128 high-quality LEDs features built-in diffusion that perfectly balances light output, eliminating shadows and harsh bright spots for perfectly even illumination. Its 2-Point Lighting System — Two 13″ x 2.25″ Edge-Lit panels rotate 270o to deliver two points of lighting coverage.
Flexible Arms — 11” flexible arms allow you to independently position each light; CRI Rating of 96+ = Guarantee of Perfect Color Accuracy
Smart Settings = Automatic Saved Output Settings from its Last Shutdown LUX (180 Lux/0.5m), Adjustable Color Temperature (3000K to 6500K), Brightness Range: 5- 100%
Comes equipped with one USB-C and one USB-A for charging purposes.
Travel Case — An essential travel case for experts on-the-go, the Flex Light Pro includes a Gooseneck Phone Mount, 70″ Light Stand, Power Cable, and Travel Case for convenient mobility.

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