Edureka: The Ridiculous Learning Revolutioner

Weaving The Learning Web Online

Online learning isn’t an entirely novel concept; though its technology may be cutting-edge, its roots go back 170 years in Great Britain where instructors sent assignments by mail for completion by students who returned them once finished & distance learning came into existence. Online learning platforms today represent modern versions of these humble predecessors.

Online learning or e-training has quickly gained in India since its introduction. Many students and working professionals alike have joined various e-learning platforms over the years in order to enhance their skillsets.

But the foundation for learning revolution lay on the soccer field of AEBS Engineering College in Ghaziabad.

Setting-up The Playing Field

Kapil and Lovleen created an absolutely breathtaking masterpiece!
Kapil Tyagi and Lovleen Bhatia, the co-founders of Edureka, excelled at every task they faced each day as they established an unconventional education firm online and offline. When their game turned in their favour it made for powerful entertainment for viewers at home as they experienced Edureka.

While they did enjoy themselves during their stay on campus, the main purpose was to understand what were the needs and difficulties for students in terms of learning. A key strategy in doing this was through playing soccer together – something which paid dividends!

Kapil and Lovleen realized the immense potential in online learning as an approach more accommodating and enjoyable for their students’ education. Edureka launched in 2012 with plans to offer technology classes as demand increased.

The Edureka Experience

While incorporating elements of learning, it was essential that learners enjoyed their experience; therefore Edureka experience was developed – dedicated to every aspect of education and skill development.

Each course is carefully crafted to give learners maximum attention while learning, using interactive online sessions as the method. Experience is further augmented by 24-7 technical support and a learning manager whose goal is to keep learners motivated and on task. Edureka knows the value of learning, but believes its practical application to be equally important; therefore, each course culminates in a live project to give learners an opportunity to put what they have learned into action. Learning should be an ongoing experience; therefore every Edureka learner receives their own LMS with access for life. Our industry recognized certification sets us apart, while peer learning offers invaluable networking opportunities.

Edureka was created with one goal in mind – to make learning simpler, while simultaneously offering learners an online learning experience like never before. Our aim is not only to facilitate easy and hands-on learning but to also make the overall process more hands-on & flexible. Learning should fit seamlessly with individual needs & provide an unprecedented online learning experience.

The Feasibility of Flexibility

As this project focused on learners, the process of learning needed to take shape in its own unique manner. Traditional methods had left their mark on the system; there was a real challenge in creating something fresh that broke away from these century old molds.

Edureka accomplished this through its proprietary curriculum developed by industry experts and taught by 800+ instructors from practice in the industry themselves. Thanks to this combination, every online course on Edureka led directly to a real-life project after which learners received an Edureka certificate, guaranteeing they could apply what they learned rather than simply textbook facts.

Edureka stands out amongst competitors by its flexibility of delivery for learners. Such unconventional learning outlook was bound to produce incredible results – and they certainly did! Over these years Edureka has upskilled over 3,50,000 learners around the globe without spending a single dime on marketing budget; most came via positive referrals from existing learners themselves.

However, no revolution can truly succeed without some form of empowerment.

Education is Empowerment

Edureka created an innovative new model of online learning & platform dedicated to it, but the real challenge was taking it out into society. Revolution had reached its pinnacle; it was time to break through barriers and help individuals realize their true potential.

Learning and education have given me access to a life of career satisfaction, financial security and personal freedom – Pallawi Priya from Bihar
Pallawi today feels empowered, thanks to the education she received. Hailing from a small town in Bihar, she overcame obstacles such as discrimination aganist her gender, financial dependence and geographical barriers to overcome them all. We at Edureka take great pride in supporting learners like Pallawi; indeed the real success of Edureka Learning Revolution wasn’t measured by subscription numbers or profit figures alone but rather through community transformation brought about through this revolutionary model of education.