Exploring the Coromandel Peninsula: Travel Notes from New Zealand

If you ever visit New Zealand, one must-see location is the Coromandel Peninsula. With plenty to see and do – such as Coromandel Town, Whitianga Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve Mercury Bay Marine Reserve – Coromandel Peninsula will give visitors plenty of reasons for sightseeing! For photographers and nature enthusiasts it truly shines.

Coromandel is a favorite holiday spot of Kiwis and visitors alike, boasting stunning sandy beaches with relaxed holiday vibes. A wonderful oasis to stop, relax and take advantage of this glorious weather – with stunning mountain scenery as we drove over them before reaching Coromandel Bay itself – then booking into our hotel and heading out exploring this picturesque beach town itself – before we returned back for more sightseeing in Coromandel itself – its quaint beachy charm was captivating us all!

Next we booked our boat tour. This time around we did more research, selecting a small vessel capable of accommodating no more than 16 passengers with an experienced captain who offered special photo tours of Bay, Cove, and Marine Reserve – exactly what we wanted!

Once we heard about the Driving Creek Railway, we drove up for an early evening train ride and quick exploration.

Driving Creek Railway
Potter Barry Brickell realized his vision in 1973 by building 3 km of this incredible narrow-gauge railway track on steep bushland terrain – mostly by hand! We took the small train on an enjoyable and educational 1-hour ride up the mountain towards Eye-Full Tower for stunning bay views and along an idyllic riverbank, lined by handmade tunnels, sculptures, and large pottery pieces along its path. Although dark in parts and too fast for photography while moving along its track, the Driving Creek Railway nonetheless provided us with an enjoyable afternoon adventure well worth taking.

Returning to our motel room, we enjoyed an exhilarating evening watching the sunset from our terrace overlooking the bay. Nothing could have made for more perfect dining!

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