Dive into Your Personal Photography Project: Focusing on Creativity and Passion

If it feels like I haven’t published much lately, that’s probably accurate; I have decided to focus on a personal photography project instead.

Since last November, I’ve had this thought floating through my mind for four years. You might relate in having multiple projects going at any one time like website updates/creation, selling images online for sale and reaching out to design firms and commercial art agencies; and everything that could serve as an excuse not to work on them – well that certainly applies to me!

Personal photography projects help us focus Its I’ve decided it’s time for me to get back to work on my own work. Personal photography projects can help refocus, get us back on track, and fend off any distractions we encounter along the way – although writing articles for publication is part of what I do professionally, writing is still off my personal project path and photography is something else entirely!

I am constantly in search of distractions to divert my focus away from what should be my primary goals. Trust me; it doesn’t take much.

As I work on this project, I wanted to share some of the process and hopefully it can help guide your own personal projects forward.

Here are a few steps you can use when undertaking any personal project.
Ideas Are Easy
Generating ideas is easier than you might think, as I seem to come up with them all the time! These thoughts often keep me up at night and keep me waking up thinking up new plans and projects. Do yourself a favor: write or record all of them – no matter how unobtainable or ridiculous they seem at first sight; keep track of all your thoughts just in case something pops back into mind later. Ideas won’t just disappear forever so this way you’ll always be prepared when that next big idea pops up again!

Research What You Need
Nowadays we have access to so much information (perhaps too much so!), that finding help should not be a difficulty. Do you need help publishing a book yourself, leading local photo tours, creating series of images for an exhibition at a gallery etc. Thankfully we have access to so much help available if we so choose.

No matter the nature of your project, conduct as much research as possible before starting it. Gather all available information by browsing online sources or making phone calls directly related to it; talk with others who have completed similar initiatives; all this preparation will make the project much faster and smoother overall.

Beginning your personal project can be the hardest step, so take one small step now that will kick-start it and keep moving forward with it. Soon you will become excited by it and want to focus on it without seeking distractions from other areas of life.

Start small: make one small change at a time – edit an image, write its accompanying text, create a mock book cover mock-up or write your artist bio – just keep moving forward step-by-step. Commit yourself to working on your project daily, even if that means doing something seemingly insignificant – any little progress counts as progress towards its goal!

Take Charge and Hold Yourself Accountable
Are you having difficulty holding yourself accountable? Find an avenue of assistance.

Create an accountability partner through friends, fellow photographers, coaches or mentors. Outline a plan publicly or privately so others are accountable to see you achieving progress they can see as well.

Write about your project! Post updates on social media or your blog; even write an article!

Make sure whoever you share your project with is aware it’s okay for them to check up with you regularly to assess how the project is progressing. Ask them to schedule periodic phone calls to see how things are going with the project.

If you feel stuck, seek some assistance to guide through whatever situation has got you stuck.

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