Create Stunning Product Photos on Your Phone: Mobile Mondays with PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom is an application that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to remove backgrounds of photos so that subjects can be placed into new scenes more seamlessly. In addition, PhotoRoom removes unwanted images while also creating unique scenes surrounding their subjects using AI.

PhotoRoom offers all platforms an easy, all-in-one creative photo editing platform for creating professional designs at no cost.” Although available as a free download, some features require pro membership; you can try them first through free trials.

PhotoRoom’s key feature is accurate background removal, cutting out even complex subjects in seconds for stunning results. Should any adjustments need to be made later on, adjustments are quick and painless with just a swipe or two of your finger.

Though primarily intended for product images, this program works wonders on people as well. It can easily navigate around challenging aspects such as hair.

PhotoRoom’s Instant Background feature really stood out for me; using AI image generation, it quickly placed cut out subjects in new scenes with stunning accuracy. Like with all AI image generation algorithms, occasionally something may go amiss but, for the most part, results were realistic!

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