Harness the Power of 1SE for Social Media Video Creation: Mobile Mondays Edition

1SE or One Second Everyday is an Apple and Android video journaling app designed around one simple concept: record one second of video each day.

Concept and execution were flawless. Short videos are now an indispensable feature on social media, and 1SE makes creating them simple with its one-second limit for each snippet – making it fast to highlight only key moments for an Instagram story or Reel video.

1. Save every moment from everyday life 1SE can serve as an indispensable video diary: its main feature allows users to capture one second of video daily and compile them into an mash video from either last month, year, or any date range they specify.

Journal project types allow users to capture memories. Opening My Timeline prompts users to add a snippet from today or auto-fill backward from media libraries, giving the journal project type its unique capabilities of recording history.

1. Snapshot Edit will scan through your media for videos taken each day and ask for approval before adding them to My Timeline – making it simple and straightforward for you to quickly mash-up videos right from day one of using 1SE!

If you don’t have videos available for a given day, photos may serve as an alternative form of media to add. These days will show up with a photo icon in 1SE; tapping them enables you to select what types of media to add. 1SE also adds an effect when Mashing photos into videos to reduce any obvious differences in appearance between these and videos.

As well as using 1SE to make Journal videos for social media, you can use 1SE to make Freestyle videos for social media. Here, you can add any clips you like into a mashed video – I created this one during a Lego build over Christmas and another of my boys building a bird hide in our yard!

As with Journal mode, to create your video you simply hit the Mash button at the bottom of your screen and alter its date range, speed, orientation and more to tailor a unique piece. Click Save & Share when finished to complete it and share your masterpiece!

Does 1SE for Social Media Videos Require Paid Version? 1SE is one of the rare free apps without ads; if you do have some extra cash available to spend on pro version features such as music, unlimited backups, multiple projects at the same time and longer snippets of up to 10 seconds duration per day and multiple snippets per day with control over brightness/shadows in snippet editor along with turning off dates/branding can add plenty of versatility to your video creation process.

Freestyle Collabs may be one of the finest features of Pro. By inviting friends to collaborate on videos together, each contributor can add his or her own memories and bring this project to fruition.

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