Evoto Review: Elevating Editing with AI Enhancements

New tools that speed up the editing process are always welcome, especially when there are an overwhelming number of photographs from a session to be edited. Have you experienced one? After importing all those beautiful shots into your workflow and admiring all your options for work, comes mental arithmetic for editing time calculations that suddenly causes panic to set in!

Once I had an opportunity to evaluate Evoto, the first thing that came to mind were my undisciplined photo sessions that resulted in hundreds of pictures. Since I’m quite meticulous when editing images – taking 10-20 minutes per image on average – working in bulk was never feasible for me; Evoto offers clear value here especially when considering outsourcing the editing work.

Let’s jump right in
A number of Evoto’s tools are immediately useful; I focused on portrait retouching and background touchup features for my research.

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