Exploring the Latest Lightroom Updates: An In-depth Look at Masking

Adobe Lightroom Classic recently received an update (V12.3) featuring AI Denoise, panel additions and masking (which I will focus on now).

Develop Panel Interface Updates
I really appreciate the improvements made to the Develop panel interface. Now it is easier than ever for me to quickly identify which panels have active edits, while temporarily hiding changes so I can compare before and after adjustments for each panel – this feature makes for an exciting new way of working! This new addition certainly is impressive.

Lightroom’s masking panel has seen some updates, with additional elements for clothes, creating multiple masks at once, and the tone curve within the tool itself allowing users to work on different layers individually. Furthermore, there have been additions made to Adaptive Portrait Presets such as Texture Hair Darken Beard Enhance Clothes which let photographers hone in on individual layers individually. Let’s take a look.

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