Revolutionize Photo Sharing and Collaboration with Plates: Mobile Mondays Spotlight

Plates is an app for curating photos, collaborating on similar themes with other photographers and curating albums of photos that you find online. We try out this alternative to Instagram, Vero and Facebook in our review of Plates.

Plates is an alternative social media platform designed for photography that stands apart from Instagram, Meta and TikTok by not requiring ads, algorithms or videos – something Instagram has turned into with Reels; Facebook seems on track as well.

Plates does achieve this. My Home Page showcases my chosen path.

What Are Plates? At first, when I began using the app, I assumed “Plates” might refer to glass plates used before film photography became prevalent – perhaps still is. But “Plates” is actually an album-style collection of photos with various privacy, administration and collaboration settings available for them.

Facebook photo albums allow users to collaborate while also subscribing to certain Plates. Their unique architecture encourages you to add photos rather than simply moving onto another project; making their use both intuitive and efficient.

By clicking on the “+” sign next to “Create a new Plate,” a menu is instantly created. First it prompts you to choose an image for use as its header photo, followed by various options available within the app itself. Everything about this process is extremely user-friendly so no matter what task is at hand it requires minimal steps for completion.

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