Introducing New Undo/Redo Functionality in Luminar Neo

With Luminar Neo 1.9’s updates, users finally have access to Undo/Redo functionality – long awaited since its debut. Now it is easy to back out from edits made and apply them back again, making experimenting with various editing tools much simpler.

How Can I Use the New Function? Users familiar with Windows will likely recognize this much-requested and long-awaited function. Control + Z (Command + C on Macs) and Control + Y for Redo (Command + Y on Macs) allow for undo and redo functions on edited images for greater editing flexibility, eliminating keystroke dependency and giving greater editing freedom to all. Luminar Logo can also be clicked upon directly and editing selected from there if keyboard shortcuts don’t appeal.

Skylum also provided performance upgrades for RAW Develop and Masking tools in this update, offering users a smoother editing experience.

This update also addresses various bugs:

For MacOS:
From the Layers tab, navigate to “My Images,” “See All,” and the “Get More Assets” button – these actions will lead you to the Luminar Marketplace as expected. Easily select one Preset as Favorite without watching its list scroll up or down!
Apply a Preset without disabling SkyAI and Sky Enhancer AI tools.
Synchronize Adjustments to New Images without seeing original image shown as low resolution during sync process. Filter Catalog to view a previously selected image without it disappearing after selection is applied.
Reopen Before/After mode without changing its position on the Before/After slider. Without delays after opening this mode, view your original image directly after opening it. On Windows devices: Utilise For This Photo to see an already purchased Preset collection without clicking “Get”.
While using the Before/After Splitter, click “Quick Preview” on an edited image that does not blink. Re-login to view previously purchased and X Membership Presets; scroll and set preview size down without impacting images in Catalog view.
It’s great having straightforward keyboard shortcuts that feel familiar – thank you, Luminar Neo!

Consider making the switch now while the Luminar Adventure offer is still in effect – now is an excellent time!

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