Mobile Mondays: Elevate Your Instagram with Panorama Scroll Carousel using Caro (Plus a Bonus Tip)

Panorama scroll carousel posts first started appearing on Instagram around 2020 and until recently there weren’t many options for Android users to easily create them. Now though, Caro Panorama Scroll Carousel Maker allows them to easily make elegant yet engaging posts for their Instagram.

Panorama carousel posts look something like this post and this example with more text. They create the impression of one long image as you scroll along by cutting up panorama images into smaller pieces with either 4:5 or 1:1 aspect ratio, but you could use landscape ratios too.

By cutting a long panorama strip into 4:5 or 1:1 pieces, you can utilize Instagram’s standard Post type with multiple images to give the effect of one long image being scrolled side to side. It’s an incredibly neat way to display images or text or both – perfect for showing off photos or text that span across pages!

Apple options for creating these have long been available, while Android options have lagged behind. But Caro Panorama Scroll Carousel Maker by justapps is an app available both on Android and Apple that does an excellent job at producing scroll carousels! I only discovered it this week – it really impresses!

What Is an Instagram Panorama Scroll Carousel?
These posts are created using a gallery of images: in essence, one long image laid out to your preference before being cut up into smaller ones using Photoshop. Though possible, this technique requires patience and finesse as aspect ratios must match exactly to achieve that iconic scrolling sideways effect that defines this post technique.

Caro Panorama Scroll Carousel Maker provides you with everything you need to know to create a panorama scroll carousel post on Instagram.
Caro makes creating panoramic scroll carousel posts on Instagram easy. Simply select from one of its many templates available in its library – many require Caro+ subscription, but there may also be free themes. Save your favorite templates using the heart button!

Launch the template and click on any image frame. From here you can either select individual photos one at a time or all at once for your entire layout.

Once the images are in place, use drag and drop to rearrange them until the layout looks ideal.

Double-tap on text to edit it and make changes – changing font, color and other features is simple! As an additional perk of Caro+ for both free and premium users alike is being able to save custom color palettes within their account brand kit, with Caro+ users being able to save both their brand logo and more than two colors in this way.

Saving a color by its hex code to your brand kit is the only way to grab its hue by name; eyedropper and HSL style slider as well as built-in color selection are available within this module.

Once your layout is complete, click Preview to preview how your post will look. When prompted to select Carousel as the post type and Save when asked for more options. Your images will now be stored on your phone for future viewing and saving!

How to Create Videos with Caro Panorama Scroll Carousel Maker
Now you can use Caro to save your panorama layout as a video instead. When previewing, just switch over to Video mode before selecting Save to Phone to complete this step and create beautiful Reels or Stories of photos using this method.

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