Introducing Undo/Redo Functionality in the Latest Luminar Neo Update 1.9

Skylum released today the 1.9 update to Luminar Neo, featuring its long-awaited Undo/Redo functionality. Users will now have an easy way of backing out of an edit and applying it again as they experiment with various editing tools.

Skylum also included some performance upgrades with their RAW Develop and masking tools in this update, promising a faster editing experience.

This update fixes various bugs:

MacOS users: From the Layers tab, navigate to “My Images”, “See All”, and then the “Get More Assets” button for accessing Luminar Marketplace as expected. Easily mark one Preset as Favorite without seeing its list scroll up and down!
Apply a Preset without disabling Sky AI and Sky Enhancer AI tools. In sync adjustments with new image without seeing low resolution image displayed while adjustments syncing occurs. Filter Catalog to view previously superselected image without it disappearing!
Relaunch the Before/After mode without changing its position on the Before/After slider. When opening this mode, instantly view your original image without delays after launching it. For Windows users: In For This Photo window without hitting “Get”, see previously purchased Preset collections without clicking “Get.”
While using the Before/After splitter, click “Quick Preview” on an edited image without it blinking. Re-login and see all previously purchased and X Membership Presets. Furthermore, scroll and change preview size without impacting images in Catalog view.
Do not forget the Luminar Adventure deal is still active until May 1, so now is an ideal time to switch over to Luminar Neo!

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